Tudor House is now closed due to permanent retirement

 Thank you to all the special guests and friends we have been fortunate to have stayed with us in our semi retirement life at Tudor House.

Should you be interested in this beautiful building you will find it for sale here under halls in the Shropshire magazine August 2014



Alex, Margaret and all the team will be happy to show you around this amazing property

The stunning Tudor House of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, nestled in the old kings market, the centre of Shrewsbury, with its heart forever beating was born in the 1460's. This wonderful building faces a beautiful church and its grounds (no bells!) along side the Tudor House is a road filled with historic properties such as a real old ale pub(no beer garden) with many awards and the real old opening and closing times, top hairdressers and chitter chatter tea rooms.

There is not a comparable house to compare, once owned by the Abbot of Shrewsbury it is seen twice a week by our many visitors on a walk down the street visioning places of great interest with the Shrewsbury tourist board and the town crier.

Turn the corner from this little village within a town and you are in the 21st Century with wonderful modern up to date shops lying next to vintage handmade patisseries, the quirky and the alfresco.

The old cinema showing daily films is just 2 minutes walk and is just 5 minutes to Shrewsbury's sensational Theatre. Our quarry park forever famous for the Shrewsbury flower show now inviting many outdoor performances also houses a large swimming pool and fitness centre. For decades Tudor House has been run as a Michelin grade guest house with global accolades(website and other opportunities for this type of life would be considered with the sale) The new Shrewsbury to London direct rail link means this is a rare opportunity for town and country living, a perfect life change. Heartfelt feelings from a native of Shrewsbury feeling the need to express the true feelings and qualities found in this unique property.

Tudor House is a smoke and pet free home.

Tudor House
The famous Tudor House 1460 old English

Tudor House

Tudor HoueTudor House